Surreal scenes summarizing 2020

Nicolas Lichtle’s short animation “à la fin…” is about the disasters that came with 2020 and the absurd situations that arose.

With the global pandemic, mega fires, plastic waste covering the oceans, floods and other possible disasters, 2020 makes us all feel like a dystopia movie. All over the world, we see people reacting to these disasters differently. For example, besides those who behave cautiously due to the epidemic, there are many people who ignore the rules as if nothing were there. So much so that the holiday regions are full of tourists living as if there was no epidemic. Again, despite the rising awareness of the climate crisis, there are many people who ignore this issue, spreading their wastes to the environment and contributing to deforestation. Here is the short animation à la fin… by combining this chaotic situation we are in and these absurd scenes created by people, it mirrors our state in 2020.

A poetic interpretation of the 2020 dystopia: à la fin…

While the world is burning, it touches all kinds of human characters, from those who take selfies to those who try to heal themselves with overdose of yoga à la fin… Most viewers can find traces of the cartoonish characters in this film.

The film is signed by French movement designer and director Nicolas Lichtle. Lichtle actually laid the foundations of the movie a year ago. It’s not a work he did on order, he did it entirely for himself. It aimed to do an original job in terms of editing, animation and aesthetics. He sought to express his own feelings and thoughts about 2020 by visualizing a series of small moments full of poetry, absurdity and sometimes surrealism.

Many of the anonymous characters in the film have their faces disguised with a plant, digital device or fabric mask. In order to present a critique of contemporary life, these characters are given both mundane and bizarre tasks. Some are spraying a woman standing on the beach, some doing exercise by burning on the treadmill. Another is measuring the temperature of Miron’s Discus Thrower (Discobolus) sculpture, and some start training with poses that we are used to from cat yoga videos and turn into a flower.


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