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Drop the phones. Cinema Experience Lives on the Big Screen

In the commercial film prepared for the cinema company Vue, Joint gives attention to people who spend their hours by looking at the small screens, get away from the phone and go to the cinema message.

Modern life is full of distractions. Cell phones are among them. Social media posts are made by looking at the small screen. Sending images. Hours of video are recorded. Looking at the screen for such a long time during the day is an addiction. This situation causes various health problems caused by the phone. The number of activities that can be spent for a long time without looking at the phone screen is limited. With its long-running experience, the cinema allows you to stay away from the phone screens for about two hours.

Boyega, who recommends watching the cinema on big screens in the halls, points out that television, computer, tablet and especially small phone screens are not suitable for this experience. Director Jake Scott addresses the importance of getting away from the distracting elements of modern life and immersing himself in a beautiful story. Stating that he believes in the power and collective experience of the cinema, the director says that cinema is the refuge of the modern world.

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